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Preschool (2-3y.o.)

In many instances, this is the first experience the child has of  being   away from his/her parents.  An emphasis on the importance of a peaceful environment, with the necessary nurturing and caring, is a characteristic of this program. Toddler activities and exercises recognize that children learn by doing. Taking turns, sharing, patience, and attention span are important lessons  that each child learns at their own pace. Independence, coordination, and concentration are developed.



Children have daily circle time, preschool  arts & crafts, stories, songs, dancing, interactive zoology, and Spanish. Activities are changed regularly  in response to children’s need for  variety and challenge as they grow and learn. Teachers are also working with your child on small/fine motor skills such as holding a brush, crayons/pencils, scribbling, drawing, gluing and pasting. Letters and sounds, numbers, shapes, and colors are being introduced. Children work on puzzles and love reading picture books. Children are being engaged in practical life and sensorial activities. The safe, loving, gentle atmosphere puts children and parents at ease and makes for a trusting, spontaneous transition from home to preschool.

By two years of age, some children have learned how to use the toilet.  However, we expect most children to be wearing diapers. Our teachers work together with parents to help with “toilet learning” and make the process fun and exciting for the children!

Preschool Readiness Skills

• Can follow simple one-step directions
• Can follow through with a given task
• Can start with simple self-help skills: washing hands, putting toys away, pushing in chair, etc.


"We know our children not only by reason
but also by the heart."

– B. Pascal
West Hollywood Children's Academy