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Our wonderful kids are the reason we are here!

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We love this school! lt is very organized. Your child will be exposed to reading, math, science, foreign languages, performance art, music, and yoga. Your child will perform in two plays a year. Your child will learn about arts —  construction of thought-provoking artwork and crafts. They make an effort to bring all the parents together in activities with the children a few times a year, which is nice.  The vibe is creative, friendly, and warm’. 

 ‘West Hollywood Children’s Academy is a wonderful, caring preschool. We have had an incredibly positive experience. The curriculum is very well thought out and effective. My son loves going to school and grew so much – he learned sharing, labeling his feelings, sounds and letters, adding numbers. He loves performing in theatrical shows, yoga, gardening, participating in zoology class, identifying the planets, bringing home various art projects … the list goes on! Director is very knowledgeable and has years of experience. As a parent I’m happy and confident to leave my son there.   Almost like family. The best preschool and child care I was able to find in the area’.

 Dean M..’

Sending my son to WHCA is one of the best decisions I could ever made.  My son started WHCA at the age of two.  He has learned so much over the past year.  The school has very balanced activities every day; counting numbers, learning letters, dancing, singing, Spanish, yoga, zoology, botany, etc.  Often my son surprises me by singing a new song, reciting a new poem, speaking Spanish words.  He misses school and friends during weekends.

The school director, Julia, and all teachers are very nice and patient to the children, they pay close attention to children’s development.  They know what my son has done during the day and the achievements he has made.

The school opens M-F, 8am – 6pm, and this schedule works out really well.
Thanks you, WHCA.’

 Alexis X.


… Thank you so much for all your care love and attention  for Alex and Natalie. Our children were always in a great mood after school and excited to attend in the morning!  All teachers are friendly and caring! We truly appreciate all your efforts. You made an enormous difference in our children’s lives’.  

 Gudin Family


We have selected WHCA from a number of preschools because of it’s strong academic reputation.  Children of my friends and relatives have attended WHCA and were able to enroll and successfully attend prestigious private and public gifted programs.  In addition to making sure our child receives excellent start to her education, we also wanted to develop socially by interacting with other kids.  WHCA provides very friendly, warm, and exciting atmosphere for the kids of various ages.  Our daughter has been part of WHCA form almost three years.  Over this time she has gone through various “growth” stages consisting of constant mood swings.  Yet, we could always rely on the teachers/caretakers at WHCA to help our daughter feel that she is always loved and welcomed.  Our daughter went from wearing diapers and sucking on a pacifier to learning how to read, write and count. The kids put together two recitals/shows during the year, which are amazing.  Everyone participates from very little kids to the eldest, and all have fun role playing and reciting poems.  I would highly recommend WHCA to everyone.  The foundation our daughter received at WHCA will last a lifetime.

Olga R.

We welcome parent involvement

We welcome family involvement and certainly need a strong relationship with you to provide the best care possible to your child. We view the parents as the first teachers. 


"Never leave that till tomorrow
which you can do today."

– B. Franklin
West Hollywood Children's Academy