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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

                                           Benjamin Franklin

West Hollywood Children’s Academy’s program is designed around the widely respected theories of J. Piaget, J. Dewey, and L. Vygotsky.   Our program empowers children to reach their potential. We provide hands-on experience in language arts, science, math, fine art, music, movement, gardening, and cooking. Our educational approach combines the best practices in the field of early childhood development. We are inspired by philosophy of High Scope, Reggio Emilia, and Montessori.

Our curriculum uniquely integrates academic skills into hands-on projects, activities, and games. Curriculum is based on what would be best for the group. STEAM curriculum encourages future-forward skills. It is fun and has little to do with memorizing without understanding. Our preschoolers start reading! 

Our learning approach creates experiences for children in both large and small groups, giving them many opportunities to communicate, to interact, and to work and play together. Each child’s voice is heard to create a balance between belonging to a group and a sense of self. 

Children who have the ability to relate successfully to others, through skills such as empathy & perspective-taking, taking turns, sharing with others, following rules and respecting others are able to develop better friendships and  are less likely to be bullied when they go to elementary and middle school. 


Children explore the world through carefully designed thematic units.  Our themes are design to capture the interest and imagination of young minds.  Our themes include learning about feelings, nutrition, teamwork, gratitude, sharing and giving, modes of transportation, cultural diversity, the environment, insect & animals, Holidays, and special days in life like graduating from preschool! These themes help children know who they are, appreciate their community, their environment, their history, and the world at large, become well-rounded individuals, and make healthy life choices.

New ideas and concepts are introduced in multiple formats such as  art, drama, print, and puppetry so that all children have a chance to connect with the concepts being presented.

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"Children are the best hope for the future."
- John F. Kennedy
West Hollywood Children's Academy