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“Think about what you really want for your child and what kind a life you expect them to lead.”

As far back as classical Greece, the time of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, the greatest human thinkers have been concerning themselves with the development of children in their early formative years. By the 18th century the Swiss educator and philosopher Johann Pestalozzi first proposed that children grow when actively exploring the world around them – through observation, attention and memory. Two centuries later Jean Piaget formed an influential theory on how children grow cognitively, and his contemporary Lev Vygotsky emphasized the importance of social learning.

West Hollywood Children’s Academy approaches the challenge of shaping the minds and characters of young children through play. It may seem like a radical idea – after all, we have long thought that the work of learning is completely opposite to the pointless fun of play – but in fact they are two sides of the same coin. Our philosophy is based on social constructivism and the theories of Piaget, Dewey, Erickson and Vygotsky.

We offer educational Toddler, Preschool, and  PreK/TK programs to prepare children for lifelong learning!  All programs  nurture the whole child in all areas of development: social-emotional, cognitive, and physical. The curriculum uniquely weaves  key skills into hands-on projects and games. Children are being engaged in practical life and sensorial activities. 

Children explore the world through carefully designed thematic units. These themes help children know who they are, become well-rounded individuals, and make healthy life choices.

Children learn math skills emphasizing logical thinking, reading skills using phonics, and basic writing skills to strengthen their intellectual level. 

Each day, the children sing songs, create art, investigate STEM projects, participate in math and literacy activities and games, read books, speak Spanish, and build friendships. Children enjoy dance, yoga, gardening, and zoology.

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"Children are the best hope for the future."
- John F. Kennedy
West Hollywood Children's Academy