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Enrichment activities


We are proud of the variety of the programs we offer at no additional cost.

Music Appreciation   

Studies have demonstrated that music involvement for preschoolers can enhance their intelligence and increase their ability to grasp “abstract” concepts.

During the music classes children participate in a number of musical activities which may include singing, playing instruments, musical story time, use of props, learning basic musical concepts.

Languages  –  Spanish classes          

                Mandarin Chinese classes

We provide continued exposure of the languages through interactive lessons and constant conversations.

Dance classes – include a warm-up, a new dance moves weekly, 2-3 routines are prepared for concerts/shows 

Theatrical concerts/shows 

Zoology program * – nature program designed for young children. This exciting, innovative program educates children in a fun and adventurous way, combining wildlife with everyday life!


*All Animals being brought are licensed & given veterinary care. Program is under supervision of L.A. Animal Control Department, and fully insured


"We know our children not only by reason
but also by the heart."

– B. Pascal
West Hollywood Children's Academy