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“Think about what you really want for your child and what kind a life you expect them to lead.”mont1

In many instances, this is the first experience the child has of being away from his/her caretaker.

Taking turns, sharing, patience and attention span are important lessons that each child learns at their

own pace. An emphasis on the importance of a peaceful environment, with the necessary nurturing

and caring, is a characteristic of this program.

Vocabulary is consistently presented to the children. Stories, songs, and poetry

all support the language work in the classroom.

Toddler activities and exercises recognize that children learn by doing. Independence, coordination,

and concentration are developed. Developmental materials are always accessible,  safe,

and geared for a child’s success. Activities are changed regularly in response to children’s need for rabitwchildren

variety and challenge as they grow and learn. The safe, loving, gentle atmosphere puts children

and parents at ease and makes for a trusting, spontaneous transition to preschool.

Children must be at least 24 months old to be enrolled.


"We know our children not only by reason
but also by the heart."

– B. Pascal
West Hollywood Children's Academy