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Welcome to

West Hollywood Children’s Academy!

Since 1991 West Hollywood Children’s Academy has been providing extraordinary early childhood educational program in a positive, gentle, nurturing, and safe environment. To us, your CHILD is a unique individual, equipped with his own plan of development, and his own methods and terms of mastering surroundings. Our responsive and inclusive teaching methods meet each child’s individual needs.

We encourage children to think, reason, question, experiment, makes choices, develop practical skills. We help children to explore the world. We teach children to be independent, to develop social skills, and to love learning.

The foundation of today’s society is based on intellectual development of our children, and it’s our duty as adults, both teachers and parents, to help to nurture it. If you’d like to see you child grow up a successful, happy, healthy, and well-rounded individual, it is important to start caring about his/her future right now.


"We know our children not only by reason
but also by the heart."

– B. Pascal
West Hollywood Children's Academy